Advanced Treatments

Advanced Treatments

There are mild resurfacing treatments that give beautiful, healthy results that are not damaging to the skin. Resurfacing treatments can involve a holistic approach when using the proper ingredients. They are targeted towards very specified skincare concerns such as deeply dry, hyperpigmented, and skin experiencing extensive volume loss. These are not recommended for first time clients. I prefer to do an in depth consultation to make sure these are the best options for you. These are not aggressive and do not require downtime as a conventional peel would.  Although it is still required to stop topical skin agents, waxing & exfoliating 7 days prior to any advanced treatment. If you are currently on acne medication, these are not suitable for you.

Skin Mystic: Mystical means to inspire a sense of awe, mystery and fascination. A positive feeling or encompassing a gifted talent. This can sometimes be magical and uplifting in nature. The Skin Mystic is a versatile treatment that offers a glowing, mystical result after just one session. First we begin with a cooling face massage to eliminate any puffiness or redness that may be present.  Papaya, green tea & vitamin C is applied in layers to enhance brightness, hydration & an overall smoothness within the skin. (Some tingling is expected) We add in our diamond tip micro wand for an even deeper exfoliation. The skin will have a stronger ability to fight off free radical damage and environmental stressors.  A great treatment to prepare for an event. I highly suggest trying this a month to two months ahead of any event or gathering. This is to ensure the treatment is suitable for your skin type & goals. *NOT recommended for psoriasis, active breakouts or eczema skin conditions. * An ideal treatment for dehydrated, dry & lackluster skin. 60 Minutes $155.00

Diamond Microdermabrasion: Utilizing diamond tip technology & organic blended apothecary oils and exfoliators. This treatment speeds up cellular renewal & increases collagen production. We use a diamond tip wand with a light suction to eliminate dead skin cells. Followed by a refreshing colloidal oats & blue tansy mask application. Sealing in hydration and creating a protective layer for the skin. Ideal for acne scarring, dull & dry skin. This is not recommended for active acne lesions, rosacea, psoriasis or eczema conditions. 60 Minutes $140.00

Dermaplane: An innovative treatment that removes the top layer of dead skin cells through a controlled scraping. Vellus hair is removed to unveil brighter skin. Most useful for mild acne scarring, fine lines, dry or rough skin and hyperpigmentation. (Dermaplaning is effective yet gentle. Due to some redness post treatment, all exfoliation, waxing, AHA’s and retinoids must be stopped 7 days prior to receiving this service. This is not recommended for acneic skin types) 60 Minutes $125.00

Illuminating Peel:  Vitamin C and fruit enzymes blended with aloe vera to reduce redness and sensitivity. Gently exfoliates to support skin cell renewal. Visible glowing results with just one treatment. Ideal for rosacea, acneic skin, dry/dehydrated, dull complexions. (This service is not aggressive and does not require any downtime. Although we are still exfoliating the skin at a more rapid rate. All exfoliation, waxing and AHA’s must be stopped 7 days prior to receiving this service) 30 Minutes $90  / Series of 3 – 10% off $243

Lightening & Brightening Peel:  For more advanced pigmentation issues due to chronological or environmental aging. Contains innovative botanicals along side lactic acid, kojic acid and licorice root.  (All exfoliation, waxing and AHA’s must be stopped 7 days prior to receiving this service) 30 Minutes $95 / Series of 3- 10% off $256

Microcurrent : Sculpt lift and elevate with microcurrent technology. Overtime our muscles can lose ATP (adenosine triphosphate) This is the energy of our skin cells and muscle tissue. The skin will start to fall as our muscles go into a state of atrophy. Microcurrent uses low level, safe electrical impulses to reconstruct the facial muscles. Facial muscles are re-educated for a more lifted appearance. This will also improve circulation, rebuild collagen and improve tone and texture. This may be repeated weekly or bi weekly for extended results. This treatment includes a deep cleanse, hydrating serum and moisturizer. Please ask about our series for multiple treatments. * this is not suitable if you are pregnant, have epilepsy, cancer or a heart condition. 60 Minutes $190