My Story


My Story

My inspiration in creating Nine to Nourish stemmed from my love for the art of beauty, and healing the soul. Beauty and inner healing can generate a sense of peace and promote physical and mental health. 

Growing up, a connection to (spirit) something greater and more profound always came naturally to me. My dreams were beautifully vivid. Filled with messages from the other side and a foreknowing of events that were about to happen. At a young age this was sometimes challenging to comprehend. 

Throughout my childhood, I experienced various illnesses. Sometimes my sickness was explained, and at other times it was not. Self care for myself was a priority. In addition, healing others also helped me manage the anguish that I was dealing with at that time. Entering my teens, I began caring for the elderly population. Being in their presence and helping them transition to the other side almost felt natural to me. As if I had done this in a previous life. In my spare time I would create beauty and energetic rituals to do on myself or loved ones. This was based solely off intuition. I used mostly every single product my mom had in her vanity. The interesting part about this time of my life is my intuitive abilities were heightened and so were some of my health issues. I knew I had a calling and the more I ignored it, the stronger it would become.

Taking the path to become an esthetician, I knew I did not want to be the conventional beauty therapist. I spent the first half of my career working in conventional spas & dermatology practices. I eventually branched outward and began working closely with spa owners as a consultant. Developing spa menus, staff selection and training, as well as retail and product selection. During this time of creation, I felt a stronger pull to offer more integrative holistic based treatments.  An experience where I could truly connect with anothers soul. I wanted to give hope and reassurance to those who suffered from stress disorders. Experiencing countless skin & health issues myself, I know how deeply transformative it can be to release any limiting beliefs one may have of themselves. I created an intention to help people feel beautiful and confident in a way that went against all of society’s standards. I wanted to help people embrace their own intuitive gifts. Gentle touch and being present with others can offer alignment within our soul’s journey. Our skin and our bodies can heal in miraculous ways. Mentally, physically and spiritually.

With 14 years’ experience, I have found that like a mirror, skin not only reflects the unique nature of an individual but sometimes the emotional and physical imbalance beneath the mask. I have worked with all kinds of people ranging from teens to women suffering from appearence related side effects due to chemotherapy and aggressive procedures. Most recently, I have worked closely with hospice patients offering gentle aromatherapy treatments. This ongoing journey and experience in holistic measures has led me to teach and guide my community to a more sustainable and healthy way of living. My goal is not only to build a relationship with you, but to give you the tools and resources that best fit your lifestyle, wellness and skincare goals. I believe in applying a full body approach for the deepest relaxation and balanced treatment. Whether you are just beginning your skincare & wellness journey, or if you have experience with a range of products and spa services, nine to nourish will always be a safe, magical haven to be unapologetically you. 

*Certifications Include: Esthetics, Advanced Facial Massage, Reiki Levels 1&2, Facial Gua Sha & Lymphatic Drainage, Facial Reflexology, Basic Foundations in Shamanic Studies, Dermaplaning

Skincare Lines that I have worked with/trained in: Hylunia, Skin Ceuticals, Sonya Dakar, Glo-Minerals, Image Skincare, Acute Derm, Yonka, Germaine de Capuccini, SkinScript, Naturopathica, Leahlani, Honua, Wildernorth Botanicals, Knesko, Good Medicine.