My Story


My Story

My inspiration in creating Nine to Nourish stemmed from my love for the art of beauty, and healing the soul. Beauty and inner healing can generate a sense of peace and promote physical and mental health. 

I’m Janine. If you haven’t met me personally, I am here to share a (not so quick) background of my life and the transformative paths that have influenced and shaped me into the person I am today.

Growing up, a connection to (spirit) something greater and more profound always came naturally to me. Spiritualism, astrology and mediumship were the various practices that I felt drawn to as a child. My dreams were beautifully vivid. Filled with messages from the other side and a foreknowing of events that were about to happen. At a young age this always felt challenging to comprehend. 

As I transitioned into my late teenage years, I started providing care for the elderly population. My primary focus was on individuals experiencing alzheimer’s disease and those in the end of life stages. Being in their presence and helping them transition to the other side was a deeply profound and meaningful experience in my life. In a strange way it felt very natural. As if I had done this in a previous life. Assisting them in their final journey and  providing comfort during such a vulnerable time is truly something I will never forget. It taught me alot about the complexities of aging, relationships, and our path as human beings. In my free time, I had a deep love for studying & creating beauty rituals to do on myself or loved ones. This was based solely off my intuition. I used mostly every single product my mother had in her vanity. The interesting part about this time of my life is my intuitive abilities were heightened and so were some of my health issues. 

Throughout my young adulthood, I experienced various illnesses that significantly impacted my daily life. These conditions not only took a toll on my physical well being but also left a lasting impact on my mental and emotional state. At this time, most of my chronic conditions were not explainable. After countless surgeries &  hospitalizations, I was not only drowning in debt but I was at the lowest point in my life. Living in a state of disease is a very isolating experience. Everything is connected and once an illness appears on the physical level, there are many layers beneath it that go soul deep. My personal journey taught me immense resilience and ignited a passion to support others in addressing their own suppressed trauma. I knew I had a calling and the more I ignored it, the stronger it would become.

Taking the path to become an esthetician, I knew I did not want to be the conventional beauty therapist. I spent the first half of my career working in conventional spas & dermatology practices. After completing my Reiki 1 & 2 certifications, I branched outward and began working closely with spa owners as a consultant. Developing spa menus, staff selection and training, as well as retail and product selection. During this time of creation, I felt a stronger pull to offer more integrative holistic based treatments. An experience where I could truly connect with anothers soul.  After experiencing countless health issues myself, I know how deeply transformative it can be to trust your intuition and release any limiting beliefs one may have of themselves. I created an intention to help people feel beautiful and confident in a way that went against all of society’s standards. I intend to help you not only recognize, but embrace your own intuitive gifts. Gentle touch and being present with others can offer alignment within our soul’s journey. Our skin and our bodies can heal in miraculous ways. Mentally, physically and spiritually.

With 14 years’ experience, I have find that like a mirror, skin not only reflects the unique nature of an indivdual but sometimes the emotional and physical imbalance beneath the surface. I have worked with all kinds of people ranging from teenagers to women suffering from appearence related side effects due to chemotherapy and aggressive procedures. Most recently, I went back to my roots and worked closely with hospice patients offering gentle aromatherapy treatments. This ongoing experience in holistic and esoteric measures has led me to teach and guide my community to a more sustainable and healthy way of living. My approach is not only to build a relationship with you, but to give you the tools and resources that best fit your lifestyle, spiritual odyssey and skincare goals. I believe in applying a full body approach for the deepest relaxation and balanced treatment.

Nine to Nourish was born in December of 2022. I slowly began to build the beginning stages during a period where the world was quiet and still. On my opening date, I found out I was expecting my sweet rainbow baby. The soul I didn’t get to meet before the birth of my daughter was by my side as I poured love into every aspect of this space.  Launching my business at the same time was a whirlwind of emotions! Everything from anxiety and apprehension to excitement and anticipation. Motherhood, fertility and navigating through miscarriage is an intricate rhythm and melody. I am here to share, connect and offer peace and reassurance that you are not alone. 

I believe the studio wouldn’t be here today if it wasn’t for the support of my lifelong clients that have become family. I invite those who (similar to me) are committed to personal growth and embrace their adversities with compassion. Whether you are just awakening to your own gifts & beginning your skincare & wellness journey, or if you have experience with a range of products and spa services, nine to nourish will always be a safe, magical haven to be unapologetically you. 

*Certifications & Education Include: Esthetics, Advanced Facial Massage, Reiki Levels 1&2, Facial Gua Sha & Lymphatic Drainage, Facial Reflexology, Basic Foundations in Shamanic Studies, Dermaplaning