Holistic Facials


Skin to Soul Beauty

A holistic state of mind involves recognizing and appreciating the interconnectedness of different elements such as our physical, mental and spiritual well-being. Our integrative holistic facials are crafted and personally tailored to your evolving needs. Utilizing medicinal & artisan based skincare products that promote clinical results. Cruelty free. No use of parabens, artifical dyes, fragrances & endocrine disruptors. Every treatment is one step closer to total relaxation, beauty from the inside out & a peaceful mind so that we may manifest our highest good.


The Nourishing Experience: A facial that addresses the uniqueness of every skin type. Designed for dull, dehydrated, acneic, dry or aged skin. Potent plant medicine, botanicals and a tailored facial massage will unveil a brightened complexion from the inside out. Featuring modalities such as: gemstone healing, gua sha, lymphatic drainage, facial reflexology, cooling facial tools, as well as sound therapy to enhance relaxation. Your facial massage will be solely based on your skincare issues and concerns. 60 Minutes $120 / 75 Minutes $135 / 90 Minutes $150

Mother of Pearl: (Prenatal facial) This can also be customized for pregnancy loss or for the loss of a mother. A universal treatment for all stages of motherhood. For all women embarking on motherhood + pregnancy + trying to become pregnant+ and those who may have lost a mother or who have miscarried and lost a child. We go into this facial with a womb meditation, reiki healing, gentle cleanse and a contouring facial massage. Aromas filled with lime, rose and coconut. Decadent pearls softens the skin and can heighten intuition. This is safe for all trimesters. All products used are specifically made with safe pregnancy ingredients. We end with an organic herbal blended mask. Meant to renew, strengthen and moisturize the skin. If you have lost your mother/a mother figure, or a baby, we can customize the meditation to honor their spirit. Sound therapy included. *If you are in your third trimester of pregnancy, I highly suggest only booking for the 60 or 75 minute facial. This is purely so your body is comfortable throughout the duration of the service. 60 Minutes- $120.00/ 75 Minutes- $135.00/ 90 Minutes- $150.00

The Enchantment Facial: A wonderful option to experience both microcurrent & a classic facial combined.  Beauty is the illumination of the soul. A light that is reflected from the inside out. This ritual encompasses both the ethereal and physical part of ourselves that makes us whole. Featuring microcurrent technology, a white peony brightening mask, frankincense oleoresin oil and a kansa wand facial massage. This is ideal if you are feeling stressed, overwhelmed or experiencing an imbalance of energy. For skin purposes, this is a nice introduction to experience the powerful lifting, tightening and toning effects of microcurrent. White Peony offers an instant hydrating and glowing effect. Our frankincense oleoresin oil paired with kansa wands balance the skins pH level, soothes inflammation and detoxifies impurities. Energy balancing can be added upon request. If you are pregnant, suffer from epilepsy, a heart condition or have a pacemaker, this treatment would not be suitable due to the microcurrent portion. 90 Minutes $175.00

Celestial Journey: Appreciate where you are now and how far you have come with a healing journey. This can really be booked at any time. I find this to be very special during the actual month of your birthdate, during a major life change and transition or for when you are prepared to release any trauma that could be holding you back in your life. We will be utilizing the element of your zodiac sign throughout the treatment. We begin with a meditation to connect to the element of your sign. Then you will experience a chakra balancing on the back with a warming body oil infused with magnolia flowers & coconut. Incorporating the element of your sign, we go into your facial treatment. (please see below what is included for each element)  We end with creating a customized manifestation jar. I will help you choose dried therapeutic herbs, organically grown flowers & crystals to create your jar. Anything that pertains to what you truly wish & desire for your life is what we will be focusing on. This is a special token you will take home with you. 2 Hours $245.00

Earth SignsEarth Rooted herbs + CBD + Dermafiling ; CBD is very helpful for inflammatory issues and redness. Dermafiling offers a deeper exfoliation using a handheld tool with finely crushed diamonds.

Air Signs :  Oxygenating Ingredients + Facial Cupping ; Facial cupping enhances blood flow and circulation to the face. While pulling toxins from the skin.

Fire Signs:  Papaya Fruit Enzyme + LED therapy + Ultrasonic Frequency ; LED light can enhance collagen, promote tissue health and kill bacteria. Ultrasonic frequency increases cellular turnover, tightens pores and relieves puffiness throughout the skin and undereyes. 

Water Signs:  Hydrating/ herbal extracts. Hydro-distilled with an Artesian Aquifer + High Frequency ; High frequency improves tone and texture. This can also alleviate acne breakouts and congestion. While promoting collagen and elastin production.

The Four Elements: A true studio favorite! We blend some of the best modalities offered in the celestial journey for an invigorating treatment. Different herbal elements will be used to achieve your personalized remedy for the skin. Depending on your skincare concerns, we use techniques such as facial cupping, gua sha, LED, dermafiling and high frequency. Great for acne & congestion, re-hydrating & skin that may be feeling dull. You will leave brighter, clearer, more lifted & contoured.  *This is a facial only. This does not include the manifestation jar or back treatment as featured in the celestial journey.  90 Minutes- $160.00

Iridescent Glow:  A deep cleansing back treatment and a refreshing, renewing 30 minute facial. We will begin with a back treatment and hot towel compressions. Followed by a customized facial.  This also includes exfoliation and a hydrating mask. Leave glowing from head to toe. 90 Minutes- $155

Self Love Ritual: The perfect experience to honor your own well-being and happiness. This treatment will begin with dry brushing the body. The skin is typically brushed towards the heart, starting at the feet and hands and brushing towards the chest. Followed by an application of a blushing, buttery body cream. We will end with your own personalized facial.  90 Minutes- $165.00
** Dry brushing is very effective for lymphatic drainage, dry skin, circulation and naturally boosting the body’s energy.